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Spanish-language media covers Super Bowl creatively

(Credit: Watchdog)

Media Day had its usual share of wacky interviewers, but this time it appeared a disproportionate number were members of the Spanish-language media. I have no idea why.

(Not that there was any shortage of English-language goofballs, too.)

As usual, the Spanish-language journalist who made the boldest impression was Ines Sainz of TV Azteca, who last month famously appeared in the Cowboys locker room before their playoff game against the Giants.

T.O. was laying low at the time but called her over to a media-restricted area and whispered something into her ear . . . presumably about his ankle injury.

That's her in the picture at last year's Media Day. I believe she was wearing less clothing this time, and it was quite chilly at University of Phoenix Stadium.

She stood next to me at Tom Brady's podium for a few minutes, and her arms were covered with goosebumps. It was the weather, not seeing Brady, that did it. I assume.

(UPDATE: It appears there is some video of Ms. Sainz with my Tuesday newspaper column in which she is seen doing interviews at this year's Media Day, in case you are so inclined.)

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