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Sports media titans clash

As a semi-prominent blogger - until Tuesday, anyway - I know I should weigh in on the current unpleasantness between the world's most prominent sports media-oriented blog and the world's most prominent sports media company.

But it's complicated, because to fully dissect Deadspin's unholy war against ESPN, including some excellent analysis and commentary that has come out of it, would require linking to the source material and giving the entire matter even more attention.

Bottom line: Deadspin was annoyed with the ESPN p.r. department - fallout from the Steve Phillips Affair - and retaliated by unloading some of its trove of tips about assorted sexcapades at the network. Alas, names were named

It was an uncool use of the blogosphere's power, as various corners of the blogosphere soon pointed out.

Not sure what else can be done on this end. It's a wild and crazy new media world out there.

The rest is up to lawyers if it comes to that, which itself is complicated and problematic.

Relations between Deadspin and ESPN had been better than ever in the past couple of years, but this incident is a bit of a setback.

Here is ESPN's response, in which it declares the matter "not worthy of response":

"Deadspin's self-admitted rumor mongering is despicable behavior by any standard and shows callous disregard for its impact on people's lives. It is not worthy of response and those responsible should be called to account. ESPN is home to thousands of hard-working, creative and caring people who are the key to our success. Our company is not perfect but we will continue to do all we can to provide each of our employees with a positive working environment."

Back to the Yankees . . .

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