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Stan Verrett gives boffo performance on SportsCenter

(Credit: Watchdog)

On Day 4 of my Stan Verrett watch, it was interesting that WatchDog's favorite SportsCenter anchor used several old-school references - this from a guy who worried over the weekend that I was too un-hip demographically to get some of his jokes!

For example: He referred to the Tigers ending a long scoreless streak as the end of Detroit's "long municipal nightmare," echoing Gerald Ford's words about the "long national nightmare" that ended with Richard Nixon's departure.

And this: He referenced "Dr. Scholl's," which still exists, of course, but is a 100-year-old brand that even my grandmother would have recognized if she had been a SportsCenter fan.

And this: He said of Tuesday's performance by rising soccer star Bafe Gomis (pictured above) that "Bafe is boffo," a traditional entertainment press term to describe a hit.

Verrett's finest moment on the late Tuesday show was reading a letter from the Tampa Bay Rays alerting him that he had called the team the "Devil" Rays earlier this month and thus was being fined $1.

Whereupon partner John Anderson tossed a $1 bill at him.

That's four late nights in a row, Stan. Take today off!

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