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Stan Verrett never had heard of 'Duck, Duck, Goose'

(Credit: Watchdog)

Stan Verrett, the official SportsCenter anchor of WatchDog Nation, admitted on the late show last night that he never had heard of the game "Duck, Duck, Goose" until Friday.

(Canadian Football Leaguers were playing it as part of an end zone celebration.)

Sure, that's shocking, but I admire Stan's honesty and was inspired to admit to my own tale of a childhood standard that I never had heard of until well into adulthood:

S'mores? Was unaware of their existence until Mrs. WatchDog introduced them to me in my mid-30s.

Feel free to share your own inexplicably lost piece of childhood. Catching fireflies? Eating the middle out of Oreos first? Playing Spin the Bottle . . . or, um, Doctor? Disliking spinach?

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