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Stan Verrett scores weekend sweep of WatchDog posts

(Credit: Watchdog)

I completed my three-day weekend of monitoring Stan Verrett - WatchDog's official SportsCenter anchor - by watching the late Monday night show.

How did it go? Stan mostly was laid back and light on the creative references.

There was one "it's time to bounce," a reprise from the previous night's show.

The highlight among the highlights was Nick Markakis throwing out Johnny Damon at home in the O's-Yanks tilt.

Verrett noted Markakis has "got himself a gun," and that Damon was "capicola" at the plate.

You know, like dead meat. The kind that Tony Soprano himself favors. Cool, except for Stan's highly Americanized pronunciation of the word.

There's nothing necessarily wrong with pronouncing it like it looks, but that's not how Tony and his buddies said the word, which in their dialect sounds more like "gabagool."

A tough spot for Stan. Either pronunciation was bound to confuse some viewers.

Whatever. It was more clever than when Scott Van Pelt yelled "challah!" over a highlight of Shawn Green making a catch in right a couple of years back.

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