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Stephon Marbury is praying for Ken Berger

(Credit: Watchdog)

In my Tuesday newspaper column, I naively fret about what the backpage editors of New York's tabloids will do this autumn now that baseball season is over.

It appears I needn't have worried.

Ken Berger, whom Laveranues Coles once memorably referred to as "little media man," again has caught the attention of one of our town's highly paid professional ball-maneuverers.

Evidently caught up in the spirit of the Jewish holidays, Stephon Marbury is praying for the wayward scribe.

(Maybe he's also welcoming Berger into the Cablevision family.)

It's good to see athletes and journalists bond over their shared humanity. I'm getting a little teary just writing this.

Thank you, Steph for putting it all in perspective. Let us pray. More this afternoon.

(UPDATE: Steph once put his hands upon another Newsday sports scribe!)

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