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Strahan suggests Glazer doubters accept whipping

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I recently did a feature/column on Fox information man Jay Glazer.

That was several Glazer scoops ago, but at the time I was remiss in not asking his good friend and now colleague Michael Strahan for a comment.

So just for fun, I did it today after discussing other matters with Strahan via phone.

Things took an interesting turn when Strahan addressed Glazer's recent story about Brett Favre discussing the Packers with the Lions. ESPN initially advised its personnel not to reference the story because its own reporting had debunked it.

"People love to get on Glazer," Strahan said. "Maybe it's Jay’s attitude of being brash and cocky, but that attitude is what makes him what he is. He’s not wrong. The guy goes to three or four sources before he runs with any story.

"More people want to stuff something up his behind because of how they perceive him . . . They're embarrassed by being beat every week by the same guy, so it’s, 'Let's go after the guy.' You can’t go after a guy who’s right."

Strahan said he was reminded of the attitude of an old nemesis, Cowboys offensive tackle Erik Williams.

He said Williams would react to pregame trash talk by saying calmly, "Young fella, we’re playing the game right now, today. You know, take this ass-whipping like a man.' . . . Take that ass-whipping like a man. That’s what these guys need to do with Jay Glazer."

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