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Super Bowl was a TV hit

Early Super Bowl ratings returns are beginning to roll in. Here is the latest from the "overnight" ratings that measure only 56 major markets:

The average of 46.4 percent of homes that watched was the highest such figure since the 47.8 recorded for Super Bowl XXI between the Giants and Broncos in 1987. It was up 10 percent from last year's 42.1.

The figure peaked at 50.6 between 9:30 and 9:45 p.m.

Below are the top 10 markets. (Why Washington, D.C.? One word: snow.)

1. New Orleans (56.3)

2. Washington, D.C. (56.0)

3. Nashville (54.4)

4. Indianapolis (54.2)

5. Columbus (54.0)

6. Dayton (53.7)

7. Norfolk (53.1)

8. Knoxville (52.0)

9. West Palm Beach (51.8)

9. Pittsburgh (51.8)

New York? We finished 51st out of 56, with a rating of 41.1.

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