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Super Bowl XXXV memories . . . Part III

(Credit: Watchdog)

The beat writers in Tampa remained (relatively) sane only because the Giants provided a work room in the team hotel, thus enabling us to avoid our colleagues and editors and assorted other distractions at the media center.

But the outside world intruded daily when someone delivered copies of the day's newspaper articles. They arrived in piles perhaps six inches high, held together with oversized clips because no staple could make its way through.

The beat writers and coach Jim Fassel, all of whom faithfully read every article during the season until that point, all threw up their hands and said, "No mas.''

The same thing will happen over the next two weeks, including some of the tried-and-true cliches of Super Bowl coverage - stories about how corporate fat cats get all the tickets ahead of regular fans, amusing features about Radio Row and Media Day, columns decrying the hype and at the same time adding to the hype, etc.

I have a meeting with my boss today to find out how much of the stuff I am responsible for producing. Have a nice day. Enjoy David Cone's perfect game on YES tonight.

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