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Super Bowl XXXV memories . . . Part V

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The turning point of the Giants' 2000 season, as everyone of course knows, was Jim Fassel's "guarantee" of a playoff berth the day before Thanksgiving, after which the Giants won seven games in a row.

Like many moments that appear pivotal in retrospect, though, that one didn't seem all that historic at the time.

The day after the guarantee, Newsday led its section with an Islanders-Rangers game, the Daily News led with a Knicks-Hawks game, the players were only vaguely aware of what Fassel was talking about and the Star-Ledger's account of the "guarantee" angered Fassel and his family by mockingly comparing him to Choo Choo Charlie and Amarillo Slim, among others, as far as I can recall. He also didn't appreciate The New York Times invoking Mr. Rogers in its account.

It was only after consecutive road victories over the Cardinals and Redskins that the legend of the "guarantee" began to take hold.


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