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Super Bowl XXXV memories . . . Part VII

(Credit: Watchdog)

Here is an item I wrote about Trent Dilfer, the quarterback who beat the Giants in Super Bowl XXXV, that the editors put on the Giants blog. (Team player!)

Dilfer said he still is sore from the pounding the Giants gave him in October when he was quarterbacking the 49ers.

Yes, the Giants offense was overmatched in Super Bowl XXXV. But I still would love to have Superman spin the Earth in reverse and go back seven years to Jessie Armstead’s interception return for a touchdown that night that would have tied the game at 7.

I’d like to check out an alternate reality in which tackle Keith Hamilton is not called for a highly questionable holding call that erased Armstead’s return.

I think there’s a reasonable chance Dilfer would have crumbled after that. We’ll never know. (I didn't ask him whether he would have.)

I am not rooting for one team or the other Sunday, but I certainly am rooting for a far better game than SBXXXV turned out to be.

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