Neil Best leaves no stone unturned in the world of sports media.

T-Rock=Alexander Hamilton; WatchDog=Aaron Burr

(Credit: Watchdog)

I briefly attended the Tuesday night media party, which was held at Corona Ranch in Laveen and sponsored graciously by the local organizing committee.

(Speaking of which, the people here have been relentlessly friendly, which always is annoying and disquieting for a New Yorker.)

I believe based on the smell that Corona Ranch is a real ranch, with animals and stuff.

Chris Russo of WFAN and I finally had a full, frank and friendly discussion of my unkind review of his book in June of 2006. That was after I had a duel with Tom Rock in which we shot blanks at one another through a Plexiglas pane.

It was best of three. I won the first two draws, but they had us try a third time, and T-Rock salvaged some dignity by winning that one.

Then I smoked a victory cigar, ate a brownie and left.

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