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Tiger Woods at home on cover, Nets at home in Newark?

Interesting NYT story here about efforts to secure a truce in the moronic competition between the Prudential and Izod centers in Jersey and move the Nets to downtown Newark - for now.

Elsewhere in other publications this morning, the New York Post ran its streak of Tiger-related covers to 12.

Trivia question: What was the date and subject of the last NYP front page that did not mention Tiger? (Tiger was on the back page that day.)

Again, we are past the point here of needing reporters to quote the crisis management experts whose p.r. people have been clogging my inbox with interview offers.

It's obvious what Tiger must do: Throw himself on the mercy of Oprah and take advantage of the fact no country on Earth is more eager to forgive famous people who simply say, "I'm sorry."

Don't forget to check Newsday.com for other items of interest this Thursday a.m., including Davidoff and Lennon from the Winter Meetings.

I spent Wednesday blogging to free up Thursday for newspaper duties. So, see ya.

Enjoy Steelers-Browns if you get the NFL Network.

If not, read a book or play a family board game. I prefer Life to Clue or Monopoly, but that's just me.

Photo: AP 

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