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Tiki Barber brouhaha at least alerted us he's in Beijing

(Credit: Watchdog)

Do I believe the MSNBC/Tiki take on the c-word controversy described in the post below?

Yes, but only because I've known Tiki for 12 years and find it difficult to believe he'd mess up in this fashion.

Here's a key point: The notion that Barber would be inclined to direct an off-color remark at Jenna Wolfe is created by the first part of the video, in which Wolfe makes fun of Barber for not having a Super Bowl ring and he seems unamused.

But wait: The two are wearing different clothes in the two clips, so they were not from the same show!

OK, I'm done with this. I'm sorry I had to write about it in the first place.

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