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Tiki Barber has no complaints about his TV career

FILE - photo of Tiki Barber.

FILE - photo of Tiki Barber. (Credit: Getty Images)

Here is a column I wrote for the Tuesday newspaper in which Tiki Barber discusses the state of his TV career.

I already have heard from a couple of readers criticizing me for being too nice to him.

Like I said wrote in my lead paragraph: Tiki Barber was booed Sunday at Giants Stadium; Michael Vick was cheered at the Georgia Dome.

Draw your own conclusions about this wacky sports world of ours.

Below the Barber story is an item about the ratings for Sunday's Giants game, which was watched by an NFL-season-high 18.9 percent of homes in major markets.

I'd gloat about predicting in August that the Dec. 6 Cowboys-Giants game would be the highest rated of the NFL season, but Glauber would get all over me for bragging as usual, so I won't.

Speaking of sports world wackiness, I'm through calling marketing experts on the subject of how all this will affect Tiger Woods.

Clearly, it will. Why do I need an expert to say so?

How long is it going to be before you can see him in a commercial and not snicker?

Back to the newspaper project I'm working on.

Enjoy the Ike Ibeabuchi-David Tua bout at 9 p.m. on ESPN Classic.

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