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Tiki Barber has no regrets, picks Giants to win it all

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One last time: Tiki Barber is NOT banging his head against a wall in remorse over missing out on the Giants' Super Bowl run. Or so he keeps insisting.

Here is some pretty good stuff from his Sirius NFL Radio show, "The Barber Shop," Tuesday night:

Ronde Barber: "Are you sad that you're not playing?"

Tiki Barber: "I'm not, dude. I really am not. It's interesting because my wife asked me this exact question as we all sat around with some friends sitting in our house watching this game, sitting on the edge [of my seat] just like every other person watching this game because it was a great game. Afterwards, everybody left, Ginny and I are sitting in the room together and she asked, 'So you have to feel even a little bit of remorse that you left early?' And I said, 'Honestly, I'm trying to make myself think that and wish that I was still there but I'm not.' I was done with football. In my heart I knew I didn't want to do it anymore. My life, both personally and professionally, has taken me a different way. My passion is elsewhere. With that being said, I'm ecstatic for those guys, especially my long-term teammates there.""Michael Strahan, he agonized with his decision on whether to retire and he decided to return and it is awesome for him. Amani Toomer, who we've talked about as one of the most under-appreciated wide receivers in the history of the NFL because nobody talks about him. Nobody considers him being a Pro Bowl-type player even though he's been nothing but a phenomenal receiver for the New York Giants. [He's] the all-time leader in receptions and yards, etc. And this is a chance for him after 2000 when we lost that [Super Bowl] to the Baltimore Ravens for them to conclude their careers on a phenomenal note. And I'm happy for them. I really am. A lot of people assume, and this has been somewhat of a source of consternation for me, mainly because of the media-driven, for lack of a better word, B.S., that gets put in the New York media and then picked up around the country about me being overly critical of the New York Giants. I said what I said because it is my job to say what I said about the New York Giants but that doesn't mean that I'm not a supporter of an organization that was part of my family for years. Jon Tisch is still a great friend of mine. John Mara, quite frankly, called me after the season and asked my advice about this team. People think that I'm this Giant hater and I'm not. I went down to Tampa to watch you play. I wasn't rooting for you. I was rooting for the Giants."

On the Giants coaching:

Tiki: "In games like this a lot of it comes down to who is going to outcoach who. And let's be honest. For the last three weeks, for the New York Giants, they have outcoached their opponents. They've had better game plans every week than the team that they've played and that's why they have won these games, in addition to not making mistakes."

On Ahmad Bradshaw:

Ronde: "Ahmad Bradshaw has got to take carries from Brandon Jacobs. Nothing against Brandon. He's a heck of a back and he plays hard. Nobody in this league, not a single person in this league wants to face up [with] Brandon Jacobs but that kid, Ahmad Bradshaw, and we found this out face to face three weeks ago when we played them because I really didn't know much about him other than what I saw on the Buffalo film, the kid is unbelievable."

Tiki: "He's tough. He runs through tackles. He doesn't go down on the first hit."

Ronde: "He's small but he's got big legs and he's got such explosiveness through the line of scrimmage."

Tiki: "That touchdown that got called back? That was fantastic. They have a perfect one-two punch."

Super Bowl picks:

Ronde: "I honestly think this 2007 Patriots team is just a team of destiny. I have that feeling about this team. Part of me wants to see it because I don't know if we'll ever see it again. Perfection in sports is what all of us crave. It's why we love Michael Jordan even when we didn't like Michael Jordan and the Bulls. We wanted to see him win his six championships. It's why we like the Cowboys even when we didn't like the Cowboys in the 90s and why we like the 49ers in the 80s. As a human being, as a person, you always search for perfection and they're approaching that and all they have left is the New York Giants. he game earlier in the year, the last game of the season, serves to be a great preview for this game. If that's any indication it is going to be a shootout. They're going to score points. Like we mentioned earlier in the show New England has some deficiencies on defense that people have started to find out about. Obviously they just continue to find ways to win because, I believe, they have the best quarterback in the league. They have the best receiver in the league on their team, and it's not Randy Moss, it's Wes Welker. Even though Randy Moss is a hell of a damn receiver, too, Wes Welker, for what he does for them, is the best receiver in football."

Tiki: "The New York Giants are becoming that team of destiny themselves because they have belief in themselves and a mistake-free style of football that very much mimics the New England Patriots offense. Offensively, their coordinator is a guy who gets it. Defensively, as we've seen, their coordinator is a guy who gets how to use their players and has made them into a top flight defense [that] led the league in sacks and quarterback pressures. It's going to be a great game. I say the Giants. You say the Pats because you want to see perfection."

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