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Tim McCarver catches up with ALCS catchers

Here is a newspaper article I wrote in which Fox's Tim McCarver, a former catcher, discusses the phenomenon of three former catchers managing teams in the League Championship Series, including both in the ALCS.

A couple of thoughts from Tim that did not make it into the newspaper:

On whether Joe Buck's sporadic appearances alongside him during the regular season makes it more difficult to work together for the LCS and World Series:

"Not at all. Joe is the type of talent that you can do a game this Friday and take two years off and do a game with Joe and feel as comfortable as you did two years previous. It's a testament to his talent."

On whether he is excited to have the Yankees back in the ALCS for the first time in five years:

"Joe and I have talked about this many, many times. What we try to do is concentrate on the teams and the background of everybody and not get into the talk about the Yankees being a bigger market or the Red Sox being one, stuff like that.

"On the other hand, we're human, and the New York Yankees are playing and it's hard not to be excited when you go to Yankee Stadium. We want competitive matchups, and I can't think of a more competitive series than what's been presented with the Yankees and Angels.

"I'd be surprised if this series did not go six games."

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