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Tim McCarver channels '69 Mets as Rays go down

(Credit: Watchdog)

Last week I asked Fox's Tim McCarver to compare the 2008 Rays to the 1969 Mets, against whom he played as a much younger man.

Obviously, the question took root in Tim's brain, as evidenced Wednesday night when he mistakenly referred to the Phillies' J.C. Romero as . . . J.C. Martin!

Yes, he corrected himself, but it still was funny.

Speaking of Game 5, I noticed the second strike of the final at-bat of the season was a ridiculous swinging strike call on what should have been ruled a checked swing by Eric Hinske.

This on the heels of a similar call against J.D. Drew in a similarly huge spot in Game 7 of the ALCS.

Surely, this finally will prompt Davidoff to do a story on the changing definition of a checked swing over the decades. He has an entire offseason to work on it!

(Well, OK, he might have to help out with free agency coverage. But still.)

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