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TMI from columnist on Erin Andrews in Cubs locker room

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The Big Lead uncovered this disturbing column about Erin Andrews' visit to the Cubs' locker room, in which she is described as wearing inappropriate work attire and being a smidgen too friendly with the jocks, and in which the Cubs shamelessly ogle her.

This column achieves a rare double.

For one thing, it besmirches a generally well-liked, well-respected pro who has been remarkably patient and good-natured about her status as the sports media's unofficial sex symbol of the moment.

For another, it blatantly violates man rules. Over the past quarter century I have heard dozens of comments uttered by athletes, coaches and fellow writers when in the presence of attractive female journalists. But I never even thought about repeating them in an article. Holy cow!

Male journalists - all males - have an obligation to fight sexism, discrimination and harassment of women. But guys making harmless comments to other guys about a woman's level of attractiveness?

Dude, that stuff stays between us!

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