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TNT, ESPN put Knicks in witness protection program

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My Tuesday newspaper column celebrates the Knicks opener Wednesday, with items on the team's absence from national TV this season, on an indelicate joke by Charles Barkley about Isiah Thomas and on the Knicks' improving media relations.

I'll be spending the rest of the week dumping extra material from Barkley onto the blog, so look forward to that.

(One technical point I did not mention in the column: It is possible the Knicks will appear on ESPN or ABC before the season is over because those networks have flexibility in their NBA schedules. But don't hold your breath.)

Any given team can appear a total of 10 times on TNT and 10 times on ESPN.

Here are the teams that will appear most frequently on TNT:

Cavaliers, Lakers, Suns: 10

Celtics: 9

Trail Blazers: 8

Mavericks, Nuggets: 7

Bulls, Jazz: 6

Magic, Spurs, Wizards: 5

(Knicks, Nets: 0)

Here are the teams ESPN has maxed out on: Celtics, Cavs, Lakers, Suns.

By the way, Barkley told CNN Monday night that he is going to run for governor of Alabama in 2014.

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