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To no one's surprise, Buzz Bissinger buzz continues . . .

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I'm back from the Big City again. This time I was hanging out with various trade publication reporters and MLB Advanced Media types learning about MLB.tv and trying to figure out what everyone was talking about.

Naturally, there is much more about Tuesday night's "Costas Now" all over the blogosphere than when I left. The YouTube video can be found on various blogs on the blog roll to the left.

By not linking to it directly, I can have plausible deniability for the naughty words. Plus, I avoid violating any copyright laws, I guess.

Here is a rant on Newsday's own Final Score blog about Bob Costas. Please click on it so the FS boys can reach their April page views goal and leave me alone.

Baumbach wonders in the post why anyone would want to interview Costas. Actually, I did after the show last night.

I'll post the transcript Thursday, among many, many other things.

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