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Tom Coughlin addresses media, encounters smart aleck

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Uh, oh. It's only August and the media already is trying the patience of Coach Coughlin. Here is an exchange from Monday's news conference in which TC is asked one question too many about the potential for a return by Michael Strahan.

Sources say the "smart aleck" in question is none other than my old "Giants On-Line" teammate and current Cablevision teammate Anthony Fucilli, now entering his fifth season of trying Coughlin's patience.

Q: Moving Mathias, does it make it less likely that you will bring Michael back?

A: You guys keep asking me about something that, honestly, I have not been a part of any of those discussions. I’m more concerned with the team that we have right here in our locker room and that this team mentally prepares itself as best we can.

Q: Would you like to have him back?

A: Don’t ask me any more questions about that.

Q: You are the head coach, wouldn’t it be your job to say whether I want him or not?

A: Don’t be a smart-aleck. Don’t be a smart-aleck. I will be a part of every discussion that is ongoing in terms of helping our team, yes.

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