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Tom Crean: good sport, loyal Newsday.com reader

(Credit: Watchdog)

Here is the first of what figure to be several posts on Glauber's blog - not to mention scary video to be posted later - commemorating the historic meeting at the Garden Wednesday between Glauber and his long-lost twin, Marquette basketball coach Tom Crean.

I had an hour to kill so I stopped by the shootaround to witness this, and I can confirm the resemblance is truly scary, that Crean was a great sport about it and that Marquette's players found the entire thing thoroughly hilarious.

One of them said when he first saw Glauber he didn't understand why Crean was dressed for the game already. (Glauber was wearing a suit.)

ESPN2 got into the act by showing a picture of the two during the St. John's-Marquette game.

Maybe you had to be there. Anyway, it was more entertaining than anything going on this winter with either men's basketball squad that calls the Garden home.

This will be my last post on the Glauber/Crean phenomenon. Promise. Keep checking Glauber's blog for updates.

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