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Tom Petty, Peyton Manning, hot newswoman, good night

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I currently am looking at the back of Tom Petty's head as he does a live interview on the NFL Network set in the middle of Radio Row.

That's good, as I resorted to watching his official news conference on TV because I was too lazy to go up the five levels to where he appeared.

The dude looks kind of old, but at least at 57 he's a spring chicken compared to other recent halftime acts such as The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney.

"It'd mind-blowing,'' Petty said of the Super Bowl gig. "It's something you never even dream of."

Petty said he has no favorite NFL team but roots for the Florida Gators.

The news conference was moronic, as halftime show news conferences always are. One local TV newswoman informed Petty he is "still smoking hot." She was, too, and offered to show Tom around town, but then announced she is married.

What is Petty's plan for the 12-minute show? "We're just trying to entertain the people and be sweet boys,'' he said.

Now Peyton Manning is sitting WITH Petty on the set. Holy cow. It's a good thing I'm writing a column on Radio Row for the Friday newspaper.

Which I now will do. Good night.

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