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Tom Verducci talks to Mike Francesa, not WatchDog

Sorry about lack of blogging this Monday. I had to leave the basement for a day trip to the big city. Now I am back, and for my next trick I will read a 477-page book in three hours.

One of the co-authors of the aforementioned book, Tom Verducci, was on WFAN with Mike Francesa at 1 p.m. Audio here.

I was assured by Random House, the publisher, that Mr. Verducci's only interviews today will be the ones with Dan Patrick (see below) and Francesa.

No print interviews, and no Michael Kay on 1050 ESPN.

Y no K? I'm just guessing here, but perhaps it has something to do with Mr. Kay being known as a critic of Joe Torre and a supporter of Alex Rodriguez.

Whatever. Gotta read now.

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