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Tony Dungy suggests Bart Scott and Rex Ryan zip it

Time for the Monday roundup of NFL studio highlights sent to WatchDog headquarters by hard-working sports TV p.r. departments.

Yes, I can do this and watch the World Series at the same time.

Former Packer LeRoy Butler to ESPN's Tom Rinaldi on Brett Favre signing with the Vikings: "It looks like you are married for 25 years, you divorced and married her sister. He's with the divorced [wife's] sister. You can't do that."

NBC's Tony Dungy on the Jets' Bart Scott and Rex Ryan: "My mother used to say, 'When you win, say very little. When you lose, say less.' Bart Scott said too much today. When a team beats you twice, give them credit and go home . . . And I have to disagree with Rex Ryan. They didn't outplay Miami. Miami's got three return touchdowns. That's part of the game. They've got more points than you do."

Fox's Terry Bradshaw after interviewing Brett Favre: “Maybe both the Packers and I were wrong about Brett this off-season. If we’re hurt or rejected, the most wonderful thing is to run into someone’s arms that cares about you. That was the Minnesota Vikings for Brett Favre."

NFL Network's Michael Irvin on Titans owner Bud Adams naming Vince Young to replace Kerry Collins at quarterback: "I have a problem with Bud Adams jumping in. He's not on the practice field and I would rather that be left up to the coaches. [But] I don't understsand why Jeff Fisher is so against playing Vince Young."

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