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Tony Sparano whacks former 'Sopranos' cameo actor

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What did our network pregame show friends have to say about Our Jets Sunday, most of it even before they took the field and fell on their collective Mangini?

Some highlights, including a particularly colorful rip of Brett Favre by Keyshawn Johnson:

Mike Ditka, ESPN: “I think the New York Jets remind me of a bunch of dogs chasing cars. Every once in a while they catch the car and then they don’t know what the heck to do once they catch it. They can’t worry about egos…”

Tom Jackson, ESPN: “I don’t trust the Jets …What’s their game plan? Are we a throwing football team with Brett Favre? Are we going to spread people out and win the game that way? Are we a pressure defense that likes to bring the blitz package? We’re going to rush three and drop seven, the way we’ve seen them do so often? I think in Week 17 you have to know exactly who you are as a football team and I don’t think the Jets do.”

Which quarterback do ESPN's analysts trust more, Favre or Chad Pennington? Click below for that.Jackson: “Chad Pennington. I trust him because I trust the team. I trust Coach Sparano. I trust Bill Parcells. I trust them to run the football. I trust Joey Porter coming off of the corner. I trust those things because they’ve done them all year round. And with Brett Favre, it also a team game, but there is some type of disconnect. I’ve said it all year long between the sideline and what’s going on, on the football field. The X’s and O’s that are playing.”

Johnson: “How can I trust Brett Favre right now? Here is a guy who wanted to get out of Green Bay for all it's worth. Come to New York, great place to play, but now all of a sudden, my shoulder hurts. It’s like these built-in excuses when things haven’t worked out the way the way that you would have liked for them to. The great Brett Favre, the legendary 7 o’clock SportsCenter, oh what a hero. Now all of a sudden things don’t look so rosy and my shoulder hurts.”

Cris Carter: “This is what I do know. You don’t get ready for the NFL, No.1 playing part-time and No. 2, you ain’t throwing to those receivers in Mississippi getting ready for what’s going to happen to you during the NFL season. I just haven’t seen that and I’m going with Chad.”

Shannon Sharpe, CBS: "I think the Jets were overvalued…They had two huge road wins; go to New England and Tennessee and win, then come home and lose to Denver, then go on the road and lose to San Francisco and Seattle. They are not playing like a playoff-caliber football team for one simple reason – their quarterback puts the ball in harm's way. When you turn the football over at that position, you don't win football games no matter how good you are defensively."

Boomer Esiason, CBS: "I like the Jets to win the game. If they don’t it's going to be Armageddon around here tomorrow."

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