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Unsolicited advice to ESPN: Leave interviews to Stu!

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One of my favorite sports TV moments each week is when Stuart Scott, Steve Young and Emmitt Smith interview a star of the game for "SportsCenter" after "Monday Night Football." Most recently: Drew Brees.

The morbid curiosity is irresistible as Young and Smith struggle and fail to generate coherent questions.

It's a shame, really, because ESPN works hard at training its reporters to avoid TV journalist stereotypes and ask questions the way newspaper reporters do.

ESPN really ought to just let Scott handle the interviews and have Young and Smith stick to analysis. But it would be much less rubbernecking fun.

End of random criticism of retired football heroes. This will be my last post for today. I have some newspaper interviewing to do now.

Enjoy watching LeBron and his real estate agent huddle at halftime to review local housing options.

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