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Wade Boggs tries to shill, ends up in Willie buzzsaw

(Credit: Watchdog)

I didn't have room for this in my bonus Wednesday newspaper column about SNY's (and others') coverage of the Willie Randolph firing, but it was one of the long day's most amusing moments:

SNY was scheduled to have Wade Boggs on for one of those cheesy promotional appearances/interviews, but he was stuck on the set at the same time Omar Minaya was stammering through his news conference, followed quickly by Jerry Manuel's session.

Boggs got to talk for perhaps a minute - about Randolph, naturally - between the two news conferences. By the time Manuel was done, Boggs was gone.

Earlier, Boggs had a longer but similarly awkward radio appearance, and was asked about . . . Willie.

The Willie marathon Tuesday was a New York media moment for the ages. I hope Burkhardt still is sleeping.

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