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Warren Sapp, Keyshawn Johnson still not close friends

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Warren Sapp was busy dancing with the stars when I visited the "Inside the NFL" set last week, but I did speak to him about the show by phone.

We were talking about his rip of former teammate Keyshawn Johnson earlier this season when I mentioned I was in the locker room at the Vet years ago when Key had to be dragged away during an argument with the Kansas City Star's Jason Whitlock, after which Whitlock and Sapp had a laugh about it at Sapp's locker.

That set off Sapp again on the subject of Key, who now works for ESPN:

"When you talk about Keyshawn, the first thing you say about Keyshawn is he can block. That sounds like an offensive guard to me. Keyshawn said, 'Give me the damn ball,' and he averaged 8 yards a catch. That's not even a first down! . . . I watched him work. I watched him come out of the huddle and go the wrong way."

There was more where that came from. But you get the idea.

(For the record, Keyshawn averaged 13 yards per catch for his career.)

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