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Warren Sapp's mother gets him to apologize to Key!

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It turns out I (and other sports media critics) was not alone in expressing concern last week about Warren Sapp finally going too far in his one-sided war of words with Keyshawn Johnson.

Sapp called Key a "bitch" on "Inside the NFL," then heard about it from Mom, who presumably has more influence over him than I do.

Here is what Sapp said on the "Inside the NFL" debuting on Showtime Wednesday night:

"A week ago I took a shot at an old teammate of mine and I really felt like I crossed the line. My mother was watching that show and she gave me a buzz and said, 'You know what, that’s wrong, because you and that boy and the kids and all of your families have played together and won together and you’ve got to apologize.' And I said, 'You’re right.' I am so wrong for crossing that line with Key and I apologize to my man out there and good luck to you on your show."

Here's Sapp on Donovan McNabb not knowing regular-season overtime rules:

"When I heard him say it I almost passed out. I thought, 'This will follow you for the rest of your career.' Your legacy in the league, Donovan, will be throwing up in the Super Bowl, Rush Limbaugh and now, 'I didn’t know there were ties in the NFL.'"


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