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WatchDog not invited to interview Angelina Jolie

(Credit: Watchdog)

I leave you people to your own devices for 43 hours and look what happens: Eighteen comments under a post featuring Barry Melrose's mullet!

Well, I'm back now to restore order, ready and willing to do some posting while goofing off and procrastinating about writing a newspaper column for Tuesday.

I saw "Kung Fu Panda" over the weekend. It opens Friday. The story was pedestrian but mildly entertaining. The real star is the remarkable animation, which features an amazing eye for detail. Or maybe it's the computer that has the eye for detail. Regardless, it's impressive.

I was invited to discuss the film this week with Jack Black, the lead voice, but politely declined because, frankly, it's a huge stretch to call this a sports film and I wasn't sure what to ask him. Plus, I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to obsess over the Belmont this week.

If I had been invited to discuss the film with Angelina Jolie, another of the voices in the cast, I would have come up with a way to call it a sports film.

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