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WatchDog open for business, but whither Alastair Sim?

(Credit: Watchdog)

On Christmas Eve, 1996, Giants GM George Young met in Arizona with prospective head coach Jim Fassel.

I learned of this by reading the other New York papers Christmas morning. Normally, I would have been devastated to be beaten on the story. But I just shrugged.

No bigee. Newsday published no newspaper on Christmas Day, thus for all practical purposes no news occurred on Christmas Eve, or at least none that I was obligated to react to. It doesn't get any better than that for a beat writer during a head coach search.

Those were olden times, of course.

We still don't publish on Christmas Day. But Christmas Eve no longer is a news black hole. We have blogs and stuff now!

That's a long way of saying . . . yes, of course, I'll be posting today.

(Does anyone out there know where I can find the definitive Alastair Sim version of "A Christmas Carol" on my TV without going the DVD route? Didn't it used to be on Ch. 5 every year on Christmas Eve? I can't seem to find it on the schedule. Thanks.)

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