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What did Coughlin say to Tynes? Tynes has no idea

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In case you're doing something nutty like going to bed before 11:30 - Giants fans still sleep? - click below for the complete transcript of Lawrence Tynes' appearance on Letterman.Dave: "Good to have you here. Welcome to the program. Happy New Year. Very exciting time for fans and of course must be for you as well. What do you do in this two-week period between now and the big game."

Tynes: “Well, right now, I’m changing some diapers. I’ve got twin boys.”

Dave: “Oh, twin boys, that’s great. How old are the boys?”

Tynes: “Six months, six months old.” (audience applauds)

Dave: “Good for you. What are their names?”

Tynes: “Caleb and Jaden, and my wife is Amanda. You know, just a lot of free time now with the Super Bowl coming up – a couple days off and I go back to work tomorrow, so.”

Dave: “Now, when you say ‘go back to work,’ what do you do when you go to practice? Do you just kick all day and then go home? Is that all you do?”

Tynes: “Uh, you know, usually meetings in the morning, about three hours of dead time, me and Jeff Feagles, a lot of Internet,” (audience laughs) “a lot of planning our trips for the family out to the Super Bowl.”

Dave: “Now when you talk about meetings in the morning, you don’t need to pay attention to those right?” (audience laughs)

Tynes: “Not really.” (audience laughs)

Dave: “Because really, not much changes for you, does it?”

Tynes: “Not at all, not at all.”

Dave: “Let’s talk a little bit about your background: you’ve been in the league – this is your fourth year?”

Tynes: “Yes.”

Dave: “Fourth year, second team, am I right about that?”

Tynes: “I was traded here in May from Kansas City.”

Dave: “From Kansas City, yeah. And you were, interestingly, born in Scotland. How did that happen?” (audience laughs)

Tynes: “My father’s military.” (laughs, audience laughs)

Dave (laughing): “Well, it’s funny isn’t it – ‘yeah, how did that happen?’” (audience laughs)

Tynes: “My mother’s Scottish, my father’s American, and he was military.”

Dave: “When did you learn to kick? Was it back – did you learn to play – “

Tynes: “Senior in high school.”

Dave: “Senior in high school. And why can some people do it and some people can’t do it? Like I can’t do it – the majority of people can’t do it. You can do it.”

Tynes: “I think if you took anyone who played competitive soccer at a pretty high level – “

Dave: “That’s how you started, with soccer?”

Tynes: “Soccer, yeah I played soccer.”

Dave: “Let’s talk about Sunday – here, we’ve got the rundown. And my God, and my God, I mean, honest to God – “ (audience laughs)

Tynes: “Right, that’s what I was thinking.”

Dave: “Everybody I know had the same reaction after the second missed kick in the fourth quarter – ‘Please don’t send him in again, for the love of God, if there’s an ounce of mercy in your soul, don’t send him in!’” (audience laughs, applauds; Tynes laughs)

Tynes: “I would agree with that.”

Dave: “What a day – first quarter, 29 yard field goal – good, you’re up 3-nothing. Second quarter, 37 yard field goal, you’re up 6-nothing. Fourth quarter – missed a 43 yard field goal with six-and-a-half left, scored tied 20-20. Fourth quarter – missed a 36-yard field goal, four seconds left, tied 20-20. Now, explain to us – conditions horrible, weren’t they?”

Tynes: “Minus 24.”

Dave: “Yeah, wind chill. And what does that do to a kicker? It’s got to screw you up, right?”

Tynes: “It -- well, the ball’s definitely not going to travel as far as it would in normal conditions.”

Dave: “Yeah, and what happened on the first one. The first one looked like I kicked it for God’s sakes, no offense.” (audience laughs)

Tynes: “No, no, I would say the second one probably looked like you would have kicked it.” (audience laughs) “The first one was just not a very good attempt.”

Dave: “Right. Now, was it after the first miss in the fourth quarter that coach Tom Coughlin is just over on the sidelines, just, just – “

Tynes: “Yelling at me?

Dave: “Yeah.”

Tynes: “Yeah.” (audience laughs)

Dave: “What was he saying?”

Tynes: “You know, I never hear what he’s saying.” (audience laughs)

Dave: “Good.”

Tynes: “I never hear what he’s saying.” (Dave, audience laugh, audience applauds)

But, you know, he’s a great guy to play for. He wants nothing but the best for you. And I know he’s yelling at me, I just never hear him.” (audience laughs)

Dave: “Let’s take a look – if you don’t mind, let’s take a look at the two misses here, take a look, this is what happened.” (roll video of first missed kick) “And after the first one, this could have put you up three points.”

Tynes: (watching kick) “That’s – I didn’t – I should have played it a little bit further to the right.”

Dave: “And here we go.” (shows video of an upset Coughlin yelling at Tynes on the sidelines) “’Atta boy, we’ll get ‘em next time.’” (audience laughs) “And here’s the second one.” (rolls video of second missed kick)

Tynes: “That’s very bad.”

Dave: “Oh my God.”

Tynes: “Right there, I’m thinking, ‘What’s it going to be like to live in Green Bay?’”

Dave: “Yeah.” (Dave, audience laugh; audience applauds)

Tynes: “I’m thinking, ‘How am I going to get back on the charter plane, you know?” (audience laughs)

Dave: “Exactly. But, now, I mean, like I said, everybody I talked to, they’re just – it’s dread. We’re full of dread, and what must you be thinking?”

Tynes: “You know, as bad as that looked, I never let one kick bring me down – or two.” (audience laughs) “So, you know, I felt good about what we were going to do. The operation was clean on the last one. It was a little bit farther than the other ones, but I have faith in our snapper and holder and our guys protecting. And, you know, the real thanks goes to our defense who made the stop in overtime. And I just ran out there before he even called field goal.” (audience laughs)

Dave: “Well, that’s the interesting thing. You took the decision out of his hands, didn’t you?” (audience laughs)

Tynes: “Yeah, yeah.” (audience laughs)

Dave: “But you’re that guy. You described yourself like a closer in baseball – gimme the ball. You have that, don’t you? You want that ball in a tough situation.”

Tynes: “Yeah, you’ve got to want it. And it wasn’t getting any warmer.” (audience laughs) “I said, ‘Look, let’s go win this game.’ Jeff Feagles (sp?), Michael Strahan, guys like that, get them to the Super Bowl, and you know, we made the kick and we’re going to Arizona.”

Dave: “Nice going. And not only was it longest the kick of the day, it was the longest playoff field goal success in the history of football at Lambeau Field. And miserable conditions.” (audience applauds) “We’re all very excited for you.”

Tynes: “Thank you.”

Dave: “How’s Eli doing? You talk to Eli much?”

Tynes: “I spend a little bit of time with Eli.”

Dave: “Now are those – are you wearing now – I don’t know much about shoes but are those special kicking shoes?” (audience laughs)

(show closeup of Tynes brown dress lace-up shoes)

Tynes: “No, these are not. These are some sort of dress shoes my wife picked out.” (audience, Dave laugh)

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