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When Billy Wagner thinks media, he thinks Bayless

(Credit: Watchdog)

Billy Wagner was just on 1050 ESPN with Michael Kay, and indicated the media reaction that most angered him in the wake of last week's locker room outburst was being called a "racist."

Understandable, certainly.

"When things like that get thrown out there, that doesn't hurt Billy Wagner," Billy Wagner said, "that hurts Billy Wagner and his four kids and his wife and his foundation and his charities he does and the people around him, and to me that almost gives me the right to say, 'You know what, I don't have to talk to the media anymore if you're going to mistreat me when I'm there every day.' I don't have to be there every day."

Wow. But who exactly was it who called Wagner a racist, Mr. Kay wondered, as he had not heard anyone accuse Wagner of that?

Um . . . Skip Bayless. SKIP BAYLESS?! Billy Wagner is fed up with the media and might close his colorful mouth because of something uttered by Skip Friggin' Bayless?

I should have listened to my mother and become a pipefitter.

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