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Will Ferrell hopes non-sports fans enjoy his sports movies

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One reason sports movies are a difficult sell for studios is the perception that women will not go to see them in large numbers.

Here is what Will Ferrell, who has starred in four sports comedies in the past four years, including "Semi-Pro," which came out today, had to say about that:

"The people I hear talk about it, there’s comments like, well, it’s sports, will we get the women in to see the movie? This that and the other. But I never think about that stuff. If it seems funny and interesting, aside from the fact I’ve done all these sports movies, I kind of just go forward and hope that it will stand on its own two feet in terms of just being considered a funny movie. I think we calibrated the movie enough to wear it’s not so basketball heavy that if you don’t know anything about basketball or hate basketball you won’t be turned off by the movie."

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