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Will Ferrell is cool with R-rating for 'Semi-Pro'

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Will Ferrell's new movie, "Semi-Pro," is rated R, which it earned the old-fashioned way - with naughty words and a naughty, simulated s-e-x scene.

Doesn't that limit the potential audience, though?

I asked director Kent Alterman about that the other day, and he joked, "We went for an NC-17 rating, but didn't get it. We fell short."

But seriously, folks, he said the reason for not going for a PG-13 rating was to remain true to the era and the ABA culture.

"How can you have a movie about pro basketball players and not have cursing?" he said.

I asked Ferrell about this as well. Here is what he said:

"I was ecstatic to do an R-rated movie again. The last one I’d done was 'Old School,' and the next one I have is R-rated, too, 'Step Brothers.' PG-13 is kind of fun because you have to live within those confines, but some projects are just R-rated, and this was R-rated. I think there has been kind of a new infusion of R-rated comedies that have done well enough so studios aren’t as nervous about doing them."

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