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Will Giants/Jets sell PSLs in 2010? Don't bet against it

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In Sunday's year in review/preview package, I predicted the Giants and Jets would not announce in 2008 that they would resort to personal seat licenses to help pay for their new stadium . . . but that they would do so in 2009.

When I informed Giants chairman Steve Tisch of that before Saturday night's game, he did what he always does when I ask him about PSLs: He smirked. (That's him in the picture, next to Le Grand Orange.)

Officially, the teams want to avoid the PSL route, knowing how unpopular they would be. But they won't promise not to travel down that path.

One way or another, fans will pay for the new palace, which figures to close in on the $2 billion mark by the time it opens in 2010.

The sad thing is that there is nothing wrong with Giants Stadium for actually watching a game. The old place just doesn't have wide enough concourses for the restaurants, bars and suites that 21st century corporate schmoozers demand of sports entertainment/business deductions.


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