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Willie apologizes Wednesday, YES does so Thursday

(Credit: Watchdog)

OK, here's the official YES Network explanation for Wednesday night's third-inning snafu:

Spokesman Eric Handler said an audio guy in the production truck pulled up a file on Staten Island's own Terry Crowley, whom the analysts had been discussing on the air, to play it for his producer to see whether it might be relevant, having no idea what was on it.

Two problems:

1. It was Earl Weaver talking about Crowley during a profane diatribe taped in the 1970s and originally meant as an internal joke not intended for wide distribution.

2. The tape of Weaver was heard not only by the producer, but by everyone viewing the game.

"Obviously, we apologize," said Handler, who added the matter would be addressed internally to avoid future incidents. "As soon as the offensive language was revealed, we cut it off . . . It was an honest mistake, and we apologize."

Now that that's cleared up, I'll write my Friday newspaper column.

Enjoy the Willie/Joba stuff on the radio.

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