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Willie Randolph tells his story, WatchDog links to it!

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Another item in my Friday newspaper column was a brief essay about the bizarre events of Tuesday, in which the local baseball media tossed itself into a cauldron of print, Internet, TV and radio that over the hours was stirred into one, big blob of content.

I could written a thousand words on the topic, but that kind of thing bores my newspaper readers. WatchDog readers are much more tolerant of such discussions, because by definition they have an interest in media matters.

Here's the kicker to my latest lesson in 21st century sports media:

I wrestled this morning with whether to link to the story in the Daily News in which Willie Randolph discusses his firing, seeing as how, you know, they are a decades-long rival of Newsday.

Then I looked at Newsday.com's main sports page, and there it is, in living, blue-underlined color!

Willie told his story to my old pal Wayne Coffey, who has been working on a book with him. I will now e-mail Wayne and ask him whether the book deal still is on.

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