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Woody Johnson re Jets on TV: 'We will not have a blackout'

Here is the updated version of my story about the Jets' PSL situation, in which owner Woody Johnson tells Newsday: "We will not have a blackout."

The Friday newspaper stuff also includes a mini-review of Bill Madden's new book about George Steinbrenner. I'll expand upon it in the blog Friday.

Speaking of the Jets, yet another new-stadium-related issue came up this week, in which many fans are unhappy with the new parking permit plan.

It features a system in which those who paid the most to be in the new building get the best spots, and those in the non-PSL upper deck are relegated to somewhere near the racetrack.

The Giants haven't yet sent out their plan, but it is expected to include much less differentiation based on ticket sections.

The club seat types will get specially designated areas, though.


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