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XM Satellite Radio offers marathon of baseball sound

(Credit: Watchdog)

You know those radio stations that every November and December go to all-holiday-music formats?

This is like that, only better: Sunday, XM Satellite Channel 55 will play 24 consecutive hours of baseball-related stuff to celebrate the World Series.

That includes famous calls such as Milo Hamilton on Henry Aaron's 715th career home run, famous songs such as (dozens of versions of) "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" and famous sports-related entertainments, such as Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First" and James Earl Jones reciting "Casey at the Bat."

Sounds like fun. If you have XM but mostly listen to it in your car, you can celebrate the falling price of gas by waking up at midnight and listening while driving around in circles in the empty lot at the train station all day.

Speaking of Sirius XM, I only have heard bits and pieces of Chris Russo's show since his first. What do those of you who have listened regularly think of Solo Dog?

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