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Yankee Stadium home run count plummets in Game 5

I have developed a mathematical formula to explain the home run hysteria surrounding new Yankee Stadium - the most notorious four-day old launching pad in the history of baseball before it yielded only one home run Tuesday.

Five percent of home schedule + 20 home runs + curiosity over new stadium + nationally televised 14-run second inning + many hours of sports talk radio and pages of newspapers to fill + rainout Monday = mass media meltdown.

I asked Roy White, who spent many seasons in the outfield of old Yankee Stadium, about all this Tuesday at an event to launch his new book, "Then Roy Said to Mickey . . . "

He said this:

"I think it's absolutely too early. You never know what type of atmospheric conditions may exist for this particular week or the pitching was just bad or two teams with power hitters who got hot. So I think you need to wait about three or four months to see how that plays out."

(UPDATE: Balls flying out of the yard again Wednesday afternoon!!!)

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