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Yankees' Bank of America sponsorship bites dust

Interesting piece from Rieber here about Bank of America's talks to become a major sponsor of the new Yankee Stadium falling through last month.

It's unclear how this impacts the Yankees and whether they have found alternatives to replace that revenue, but in this economic environment it presumably was a big blow.

Wednesday Yankees COO Lonn Trost told WFAN's Mike Francesa that the recession had not affected sponsorship deals or signage.

Click below for that exchange in its entirety.Francesa: "How about signage and stuff from sponsors? Has the economy, has

this enormous downturn impacted you in terms of people not taking signage

they had been expected to take, maybe companies just not being able to

afford it? Has that happened? Do you have the signage that you expected to

have? Do you have it all now Lonn? Are you still waiting for answers or is

that all completed now?"

Trost: "Fortunately I can say that the economy has not affected our

sponsorship one iota."

Francesa: "Really?"

Trost: "Right."

Francesa: "That's surprising."

Trost: "Yeah, I'm thrilled."

Francesa: "I would find that almost amazing, to be honest with you. I would

think that there are some companies that just don't have the wherewithal to

do it, so that does surprise me."

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