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Yankees clubhouse could solve homeless problem

Two other things about my first visit to the new Yankee Stadium:

Even though my mission was to write about the experience from a fan perspective, I did check out the Yankees' clubhouse late in the game.

Wow. I had been thinking of moving the family to a larger place anyway, and I saw the perfect spot for a nice four-bedroom split level on the carpet toward the Derek Jeter neighborhood of Yankeeopolis.

It's a new spin on the old Mets song. Bring the kiddies, bring the wife! Plenty of room for everyone!

We've come a long way from Joe Pepitone's locker room hair dryer causing a stir.The other thing was something that would have been great for blogging purposes had it actually come off.

I was scheduled to be interviewed before the game about high ticket prices by Al Jazeera. No, not the partly-Yankees-owned network my Daily News counterpart Bob Raissman calls Al Yankzeera.

THE Al Jazeera. But the reporter had to cancel at the last minute because of another breaking story.

Maybe next time . . . if there is a next time.

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