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Yankees exec on costly tix: 'Our prices are our prices'

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Had an interesting afternoon Monday, spent mostly talking to angry Yankees fans with partial season ticket plans, and with COO Lonn Trost, who offered his take on the events leading to this anger.

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More on all that to come, but for now I will share a couple of interesting things Trost told me, one about the pace of sales for the new stadium's 4,000 or so premium seats, the other concerning the fact some bleacher seats are obstructed by the restaurant in centerfield.

Click below for his answers.

Photo: APHow are sales of premium seats going? "Over 70 percent have been sold and paid for."

It seems as if you have been marketing them aggressively, including newspaper ads. "Why are we marketing? Like any good business, you market."

Has the recession affected sales of your most expensive seats? "It's affecting the time it takes to sell them."

Is there any chance you will drop prices on your most expensive seats? "No, our prices are our prices."

Is it true there are seats in the bleachers from which you can't see parts of the field? "Yes, but we will have TVs in the walls there."

That's not the same thing as seeing it live, is it? "We had a choice of selling it to somebody or not. If you come to the stadium you'll see there are TVs in the walls. [Some views are obstructed] a little bit, but for $12 it's a choice of taking it or not."

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