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Yankees fuel ratings rise

Olympic gold medal winner Jesse Owens waves from

Olympic gold medal winner Jesse Owens waves from an open car during a ticker-tape parade along Broadway on Sept. 3, 1936. The 22-year-old won four gold medals at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. (Credit: AP File)

Here are a couple of other items from my Friday column:

Ratings for the Series were the highest since 2004, aided by the Yankees' presence and the fact it lasted more than five games for the first time in six years.

Also, a mini-review of Fox's coverage, in which I address the criticism Chris Rose took for his interviewing style after the trophy presentation.

The interviews YES' Kimberly Jones and Michael Kay conducted after the game were far more comfortable and well-informed than those of national entities, naturally. And many people watched. YES' post-game rating after Game 6 peaked at 3.0 percent of New York area homes. Not sure what Jones' dry-cleaning bill was after four separate sessions of champagne-soaked locker room interviews this autumn.

The parade is going on now! 

I'm watching on YES, because their correspondents (Kimberly Jones and Chris Shearn) actually know who the players are, unlike the hairdos doing their obligatory gushing on the local broadcast stations' coverage.

(UPDATE: Just noticed SNY is covering the parade, too! I counted 11 stations offering live coverage as of 11:45 a.m. God, I hate sports parades.)

First ticker-tape parade for a New York team: 1954 baseball Giants - but for winning the pennant, not the World Series, which began two days later.

That's weird.

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