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Yankees offer somewhat less insane ticket prices for 2010

The Yankees and Blue Jays brawl in the

The Yankees and Blue Jays brawl in the eighth inning after Jorge Posada and Jays pitcher Jessie Carlson exchanged words. (September 15, 2009) (Credit: John Dunn)

The Yankees announced late Tuesday that tickets for 84 percent of their seats would remain unchanged for 2010, that 13 percent would decrease and that 3 percent would increase.

This was after CNBC's Darren (Roslyn) Rovell broke the basics here.

Here is Newsday's story on the subject.

Finally, the Yankees offered a news release that I received at 11:07 p.m. and which was posted on their Web site here at 11:19.

Among the tickets that will come down, not surprisingly, are those in the notorious Legends Suite.

I was invited earlier this year to attend a game in that section but turned it down because I didn't want to be seen on camera sitting there.

Now it's too late because I started a diet today.

I have talked to a couple of dozen friends, relatives, colleagues and sources who have sat in the Legends Suite - none of whom actually paid for the tickets themselves, of course - and they are unanimous on one point:

The Roman-orgy-like quality and quantity of food that is all but forced upon the patrons there is a truly astounding, life-altering experience.

Photo: John Dunn

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