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Yankees president takes issue with ESPN price point

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I attended a news conference at Yankee Stadium Tuesday regarding the Yanks' efforts to make the building what team president Randy Levine called "what we believe is the most accessible stadium that's ever been built."

More on that in the Wednesday paper.

Levine and COO Lonn Trost declined to reveal details of the pregame ceremonies for Thursday's opener, but Levine confirmed George Steinbrenner still is scheduled to attend.

Levine spoke at length about the matter of high-priced seats at the stadium - more on that in the Wednesday paper, too. He said his biggest pet peeve regarding criticism on that subject is those he believes are being hypocritical.

For example? Levine cited ESPN, perhaps with Sunday's "Outside the Lines" report on highly priced tickets still ringing in his ears.

"I don’t see ESPN in a recession going to their customers and saying, 'You know what, we’re going to cut those cable rates. We’re going to take less from subscribers,''' he said.

"I don’t see ESPN taking stuff off the Internet and migrating it off of paid content. So as I said, you want to criticize, that’s great. But be consistent."

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