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Yankees stay up late; so does Newsday

Philly Cheesesteak paired with rainbow and chocolate flavored

Philly Cheesesteak paired with rainbow and chocolate flavored Italian ices, served by Francesco's in Huntington, a family-friendly outdoor eatery serving up big portions of classic Italian-American street fare. (Credit: Danielle Finkelstein )

Greetings from the Linc, WatchDog Nation. It seems as if I just left the south Philly sports complex a few hours ago . . . because I did. But, onward:

Here is Newsday.com's complete coverage of Game 3, featuring our tired but undaunted baseball playoffs crew.

Take particular note of this well written lead paragraph in Lennon's story about A-Rod's controversial home run.

I asked Fox Sports earlier this morning about the location of the rightfield camera and whether it had permission to be protruding slightly over the railing.

Answer: "That camera was an approved standard position by us, MLB and the umpires."

Baumbach talked to the Phillie Phanatic here. I interviewed the original Phillie Phanatic, Dave Raymond, at the Vet for a feature I wrote on those wacky 1993 pennant winning Phillies. Baumbach probably was in high school then.

I once interviewed the San Diego Chicken in Fairbanks, Alaska, but that is a story for another day.

Here is a column I wrote before Saturday night's game about Fox director Bill Webb, who also is SNY's lead director for Mets games.

It also includes Tim McCarver's response to Charlie Manuel's apparent shot at him in a news conference Friday.

Here is my blog roundup from the Sunday paper, which because of technical glitches this week includes some stuff I didn't first write for the blog, including an item in which Phillies annnouncer Tom McCarthy talks about his predecessor, the late Harry Kalas.

Full disclosure: McCarthy gave me an entire box of TastyKake Kandy Kakes befre Game 3. I figured it was OK to accept, because it was Halloween and because I very much enjoy Kandy Kakes. Ate a couple for breakfast this morning to fortify myself for my 8:30 a.m. visit to the Linc parking lot.

Here is a mildly amusing Q&A I wrote giving visting New York fans advice should they be traveling to Philly for the big day/night New York/Philly doubleheader.

 Photo: Danielle Finkelstein

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